18 februari 2012

it's a small world! (eraser swap in france)

Last week I went to France, to visit my sister and to spend a day at a primary school in Durtal, where my brother-in-law (who is the director), invited me to do some illustration- and stampworkshops

About a week before I went to France, I received an email from a french stampmaker,
Fabienne Muller   la fabutineuse 
here you can see some of her beautiful stamps:
She asked me about the materials I use for my stamps. I told her that I use simple erasers I buy at ACTION or sometimes the pink SPEEDY-CARVE from the USA.
And then I asked her where she is living in France.
To my great surprise she answered Angers (because she thought I would never know the village she is living)
I told her my sister works in Angers, and I also mentioned the tiny village of Morannes where my sister and her husband are living. Fabienne happens to live only 15 kilometers from there...
It's a very small world!!!
We met in my sister's village and swapped some stamp material.

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