11 november 2011

this is what I love!

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  1. WOW! Dat is mooi! Knap gemaakt en zo leuk om te zien waar je van houdt. Ik hou ervan elke dag een nieuwe stempel van je te zien! Liefs MiM

  2. what is the building in the center?

  3. It is the building I'am living in.
    The Haarlemmerpoort.
    Lonely Planet review for Haarlemmerpoort:
    Once a defensive gateway to the city, the Haarlemmerpoort marked the start of the busy route to Haarlem, which was a major trading route. The structure was finished just in time for King William II’s staged entry for his 1840 coronation, hence its little-known official name of Willemspoort. Traffic no longer runs through the gate since a bypass was built over the Westerkanaal. Today this grand archway is home to apartments with an alluring view of the canal and Westerpark beyond.
    Photos of the Haarlemmerpoort:

  4. Heel veel overeenkomsten. Geniet van een zonnig weekend en een lekker glas wijn.